Saturday, December 22, 2012

Like a Cut

Like a cut
The pain would not go.
It hurt so bad
And healed so slow.
Heartache's disguise...
A plastic smile.
Even one inch
Felt like a mile.
A salty tear fell in my wound.
But a whisper
"It will be over soon."
Give me strength...
Enough to stand.
Through wet eyes
I saw a gentle hand.
"Get up"
Said a soft and tender voice.
"I can help you
Remember, it's your choice."
Though it felt of
pain and anguish,
It's what I wanted...
What I wished.
And like a cut
It's finally gone.
Yes I can say
Goodbye, so long.

Monday, December 17, 2012


Sometimes it's a picture
Sometimes it's a song
Sometimes it's a memory
But mostly it's just that star
At first my heart just tingles
But then it stars to break
When I remember all the pain
Of when you let it break
It doesn't take much
I remember it like yesterday
The swinging and laughing
The walks and the talks
The raspberry picking and water fights
The 5am sunrise
It's funny how the heart doesn't remember the bad times
So I will trust in my Savior
For I have learned your very name is to go descend
And HIS name brings LIFE
And I will choose LIFE.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

When they saw the star, they were overjoyed

[Matthew 2:10]

To seek you and be overjoyed
Is this my heart?
Traveling miles to fill the void
Where do I start?

Humbled, helpless, yet King of kings
You love me
You're worth more than all other things
You are lovely

I know the truth still I search
What am I thinking?
For things of only temporal worth
I turn from You, hardly blinking
Of course I'd be left discontent
You alone can satisfy
I pray Father, will you relent?
Forgive me for trying to gratify
I'm looking to You
Not longing to be approved by men
Let me fall in love too
Captivate my soul again
To see you and be overjoyed
This I pray
Traveling miles to fill the void
Starts today