Friday, November 18, 2011

Sovereign Sufferings

This year I've been going through the devotional Take My Heart Oh God by Sarah Young. Today's was extra special to me. I hope it will bring you just as much encouragement as it has brought me :)

"All my sufferings, by admirable management of omnipotent Goodness, have concurred to promote my spiritual and eternal good." -Susanna Wesley

Do Susanna Wesley's words resonate with you? She was a mother of nineteen children. Some of her children made her proud - and some didn't. She lost her home twice - to arsonists. And once, her husband went on a preaching tour for almost a year, leaving her to fend for herself with the children. Yet somewhere along the way, she learned to accept God's sovereignty and to believe in his "omnipotent goodness."

What about you? Is your home or marriage in jeopardy? Are you struggling with children in some way? Has another person's malice touched your life? Then look to the strength of women like Susanna Wesley who know just how you feel. Heed their wisdom and hold fast to the hand of the One who's managing your suffering for your eternal good.

His all-powerful goodness watches over you.

Read 1 Peter 4:12-13

Sovereign Lord, thank You that Your omnipotent goodness watches over my life. I oven overlook this. I know You have a plan and purpose for my life, but sometimes I forget my sufferings are part of that plan. Sometimes I forget this waiting period is part of Your plan. You are in control over everything...I have not slipped from Your mind. You have not forgotten about me. Please let Your precious truths be engraved on my heart so that I will not forgot or be discouraged. Thank you, Daddy, for choosing to love me. Help me fall more in love with you today.

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  1. AMEN girl. Thank you for sharing this! Miss you lots!