Thursday, January 10, 2013

A New Realization

This morning, I had a new realization.  Since being back at school, I've had the same message being practically screamed at me from all different directions.

I had to come back two days early to school in order to go through a training session for being a Growth Group leader.  In the session, Mr. Matthews talked about the value of all different personality types.  One of the people he highlighted was Dr. James Strong who published the Stong Concordances.  Mr. Matthew suggested that Strong was probably an introvert in order to be able to "count numbers" and sit at a desk alone for so long.

My devotion this morning came from the Live Loved devotional by Max Lucado.  On the day entitled "Face Challenges in Stages" Lucado wrote:
When asked how he managed to write so many books, Joel Henderson explained that he'd never written a book.  All he did was write one page a day...  Earning a college degree can seem inpossible, but studying one semester is manageable, and logging in one good week is doable.  You las the long race by running the short ones.

The point of the devotional was not the point I am about to make.  Maily, Lucado was expounding on Matthew 6:43 where it says not to worry about tomorrow for tomorrow will worry about itselt.  He was trying to explain that we should take one day at a time.  However, I found ironic the examples he chose to use.  Writing books, finishing a college education...both things that I feel God calling me to do and both things that I often feel discouraged about or inadequit for.

So, often I compare myselft to others and even pray that God will make me like them.  There's nothing wrong with wanting to better yourself.  God even commands us in the Bible to conform more likely to the image of Christ.  The problem arises when we try to become something that we are not, someone that God hasn't made us to be.

I've finally realized and accepted and am excited about the person God has made me to be.  I'm quiet, and I'm not always outgoing.  But, I love leading small groups and I am really good at accomplishing tasks.  The book work that seems boring to most, fascinates me!  God creates us all differently and for different purposes.  I'm not being "boring" because I like to do different things than others.  I don't need to change the way God made me, because God made me perfect for His plan.  I pray that God will continue to open my eyes to His will for my life so that I can bring Him His due glory.  I pray that I will become confident in the woman He has created me to be.  I could try and be something I'm not just because the world finds it most interesting, but if I'm going to fail at it what's the point?  Today I'm choosing to be who God made me because I'd rather make Him proud than the world.  I long for the day when I might hear "Well done, good and faithful servant."

Lord God Almighty,
Thank you for people like Max Lucado who write books.  Thank you for devotionals, commentaries, concordances, WORDS!, so that we can understand Your revelation to us better.  Lord, I think You made me to be an introvert.  And, it's not that I don't like to have fun - it's that my definition of "fun" is different.  I often worry that I am not living "uncomfortably" enough, but I am WAY out of my comfort zone most days.  I often worry that I don't talk to enough people to share about You, but I have this blog that reaches people that I don't even know about.  Lord, without people like Strong - an introvert - we would not have awesome resources like Strong's Concordance.  Thank You for showing me that it's ok to be the woman You created me to be.  God, let me love Your Word and Your people.  Let me fall more in love with You.  Become my life, Lord Jesus.  Father, help me to keep taking one day at a time.  Give me only enought light for the step I'm on.  Help me not look forward or backward without Your "ok."  Lord, let me be Your light today.  Walk with me.  Help me to pray unceasingly, choose joy, and live consciously with an eternal perspective.
I love You, Lord.

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