Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Best Grandmommy Ever!

So, I hate to brag, but I just want the world to know that I have the BEST Grandmommy ever! :)

One of my biggest downfalls is that I get discouraged way too easily.  I forget to keep my eyes fixed on Jesus, and my perseverance fades.  Most times when this happens I mope around a bit, call my mom up, whine to her, and then listen to her "pep talks."

Being home on break this past month has been different.  I didn't have to call my mom.  I was able to just walk to the next room to talk to her.  What was also different was that our family has recently moved, and we are sharing a home with my grandma.  My grandma is over on our side of the house every once in awhile, and it happened that she heard a lot of my complaining.  My grandma isn't the kind of woman who will cut in on conversation between my mom and I.  She is pretty quiet; for the most part, she speaks when spoken to (Gee, I wonder where I get it!)  Anyways, here and there she would give her two cents, but mostly she just listened.

So, I was suprised when I had to head back to school on Monday and she purposefuly grabbed my arm, pulled me aside and spoke some very wise words to me without my request.  With tears in her eyes and a choke in her throat she mustered out something like "Now Allie, I was watching Charles Stanley this morning, and he said something that you need to know.  He said that if you are confident that you are doing God's will, when you wake up in the morning you need to be happy.  It's hard, but you need to keep going and just keep going."  We hugged, and before she left she looked me in the eyes and said "Just be happy, ok?  Keep going."

I know this isn't probably new news to anyone that we are supposed to keep our eyes fixed on Christ and just keep going even when the going gets tough, but it was new news to me that I had an audience that could tell when I was moping around and not choosing joy while following after God.  It was new news to me that I have a grandma who is willing to step out of her comfort zone, pull me aside, and give me the words she felt God wanted me to hear. 

I've always loved my grandma, and I've always been thankful for her.  But, I think this is the beginning of a new friendship, thank you Jesus!

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