Saturday, April 21, 2012

Verse of the Day #1

For the past couple of weeks, my mom has been talking about starting a tradition to pick a verse every day as an encouragement for Brooks. This morning, she finally decided to start! Mo of course wanted Brooks to pick out the first verse. So, she read a few verses aloud for him to choose from. At the end of each verse he would confidently shake his head "no." So, she decided to go through the books of the Bible. "Should the verse be from Psalms?" He again would shake his head "no." After going through various books, she finally asked "What about Revelation?" "Yes, yes and yes!" was his reply. If you don't already know, "Yes, yes and yes" is the answer we always get when we get something right! As all of you who know Brooks might guess, he makes sure to let us know when we're wrong :) So after settling on Revelation, they continued their search for the perfect verse to start the verse of the day trend. Appropriately, Brooks eventually selected Revelation 19:6 "Hallelujah! For the Lord our God, the Almighty, reigns!" How cool! What a great verse to be our first verse of the day!

I find it so amazing and humbling that Brooks would choose this verse for his encouragement. At first glance, the verse might not offer me much encouragement. It would seem to me to be a praise in which I got nothing in return. But I think Brooks saw much more than my little eyes could see.

You see, the verse claims the Lord as our God. It personalizes Him. The Lord is Brooks' God. He is my God. He is your God. Intimately we can know Him! Then the Lord is called the Almighty! He is enourmous and great and magnificent! He is strong and powerful and good! The verse ends by explaining that this Lord, our God, the Almighty, HE REIGNS! HE is in control! HE is the ruler!

It makes sense that the verse would start by proclaiming "Hallelujah!" And it makes sense that Brooks would choose this verse to be his first verse of the day. Brooks is in the hands of his Almighty God and Sovereign Lord! And he knows it! What shall he fear? What an incredible encouragement! A girl can learn a lot from her big brother!!

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